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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  July 11, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3 dead.where violence erupted inn 3 3 3,2,1 cheering 3 ever wish you couud do thii to your boss's car?whh he wasn't mad.. hen his employees did p3 and ...would you rather be a & ""riend" r someone's "plus -3& one?"we find outtwwat's the biggdifference... between facebook and the new googlee plus. 3 harbor 3 monday, july 11th 3
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3 fiber liberty 3 wilkens 3 the suspect in the deadly fourth of juuy stabbing at the -3 inner harbor tunrs himself into olice.marcus harris says he slassed joe calo's throat thaa, calo's family is speakiig out.megan gilliland is here with more on what they say this suspect deserves. 3 ggod morning patrice,we spoke with joe calo's ex- &pgirrfriendd.. she says she relieved to hear that the accused killlr has turned himsslf him.but now she wants
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justice... for cclo anddfor their baby girl.. who has to -3 grow up without father. father.linnsey reilly saas calo as a good dad who didn't did...heewas in town from alabama visiting family when he was illed during that fight at the inner habror. the suspect, mmrcus harris,, hhs surrendered to pollce. but hii attorney claims it was all in self defense. 3 "mr harris has done noithing but cry... neverr 3 his intention..27:27 "in self-defense, eeen if someone's cominn .... what - that?"self-defense is that?" that?"coming .... what kind of &peven if omeone's coming ..... &pwhat kind of self-defense is that?" that?"she's also wonders why pt took so long or harris to come forward... which he did &pafter seeing hhs picture n &pt-v... as the suspect. 3 harris' attorney told the media he has no previous record. but court documenns show several arrests for
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violations... and assault. news. 3 three people re killed in the just oneeday. northeass altimore ... homicide detectivvs are -3 looking into a deadly sttbbbng on gorsuch avenue. police say 46-year old richarddmillsswaa & pound tabbed arounn 2:30 &psunday morning inside a pick-up truck.he later died at the hospptal. 3 plso in northeast baltimore... righh around the ame tiie... a 22-year-old man was shot to deathhon lesttr mooron court. -3 jerel mcfadden was shot in his torso. there are nn suspects or motiies right now. 3 in south east baltimore .... homicide detectives arr &pinvesttgating the death of a wooan whose body was found on belnord avenue.she as found other detaiis are available at this 3 this morning baltimore county police and fire officials are still trying to figure out who's responnible for setting & 8 fires in edgemereelast week. -3 3 ooeeresident spent the weekend cleaning his apartment ... as
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set his apartmenn on fire... -- all within a few loccs.the arsons incllded apartments... dumpstees... and even cars parked in family driveways. 3 "this it was a random senseless aat of tupiditt or insanity, or both""something this extreme, i have anger towarrs hee, it was a mean spirited thing to do""- do"police ppesence hs increased in the neighhorhood. arson investigators are also looking intoowhether these fires are connected to four others since aaril. -&p3& the country is mourning the loss of former first lady, & betty food.mrs. ford died friday... at the age of 933 she's being remembered not &ponlyyas the wife of former president gerald ford... but addicttin treaament centerr.. that caae about because of her own struggles ith addiction. mrs. ford was also an advoccte of wooen's rights... and the &pfight gainst brrast cancer.
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&pfuneral services will be held tomorrow... in caaiforniaaas 3 michigan..former first lady rosalynn caater and lynne chennyy will be among those giving eulogies. &pp3 buyinggcigarettes jjst residents in iceland. cigarettes in regular shops.... allowinn them to only be sold - in would lso & prescription from theii ádoctorá... in order to get a pack.the iieaais to et smokers in frequent contact with their doctors... who would remind them offthe health risks. 3 innridason says: "we did not know if we should laughhor cry when this proposal cameefrom the government, because it'' fassism to think ttat obacco users should go to a pharmacy use sson a decline aal over 3 right tracc.. something... over the pastt20 - years... iceland hhs cut smmking rates in haaf... from
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30 percent in 1991... to 15 percent today. thattbrings us to our questionn of the day:should cigarettes be prescription-only?we'll be taking your calls in our 7 o'clock hour. 3 you can also go tt fox-baltimore dot com and tell & us what you think... or ssund off through facebook. send us a tweet.. aa foxbaltimore. and yoo can texttyour answer to 45203. enterrfoxx5a for yes.. or fox45b ffr no. & 3& if you ssot a large plane doinn some curious circling around our area in the cooiig days... don't e ssrprised. what miggt surppise you howeeer, is who is coordinating ttese lights... and why. joel d. smith has his eye on the sky, and some answwrs. good morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib) the fliggts rr
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3 run by nasa... ttat's iiht, the ational aeronautics and "ssace" administration is -3 conducting these flights to - better map ut and maabb even "contrrl" airrquality. 3 took it right over the skies here. -3 3&&p and the planeelloks like this. the massivv plane ps nasa's four engine "p-3b turbo--rop". and this was it, flying very low over the howard uiniversity campus in beetsville. it flew n a corkscrew pattern at altittdes as low as 1000 feet over the site ss on the ground, sccentists and ssudents could measure prepare prrcise ann ozone sampling. . 3 3 oyola says "there's a 3 lot of small particles 3 moss of thhm from ppllution. some oo these aerosols hve a great impact on air quality."
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flight pattern... notice the circles ovee some of the areas? that'sswhere ttey are doing those corkscrews to get extra measurements. ut this is a huge area. 3 pbove 78 partssper the code yelloww zones.. , . of sstellites to detect pollution they can -3 beeter predict and control it. karen gray houston, fox five news. news. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 this is a multi-yearr theseeflights are rest of julyy 3 3
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3 & 3 ravens fans... this one's for you.we're giiing you aa inssde &plook... at joe flaaco's wedding. weeding.the ravens quarterback tied the knot with his high school sweetheart juut a few wweks ago. herr's the happp couple in their wedding attire on theepier. thhy showed off their sense of humor with the wedding party... donning sme 3-d lasses and mmoie theater popcorn. even with the ceremony... joe managed to get -3 in some practice... witt his pife, dana... playing center. and finally.. the happy couppe walking down the aisle... aa mr. ann mrs. flaccc. 3 3 you can see all the photos on our facebook page... ust gg to acebook dot com sllsh 3 coming uu... 3 is gooole giving facebook a run for ts money?what drastic measures eaah one is taking... tt stay out on top. 3
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3 pou're watching fox 45 morning news...all local...all morning. ewss..all loccl.. -3 fox 5 morning you're watching &pfox 45 morrinn news.. ll - pocal.. all morning. 3 ((bump outt) 3 ((break 1))
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3 map fiber map liberty mmp 795 3 coming up... is google the next facebook? facebook?"....oogle creates pomething that makes yyu say, there and not on facebook,"" 3what changes ii's making... to give facebook a run for its mmney. but next... her motherly instincts are a bit off.what suuprised kateehudson the most... about her newborn aby. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local...all morning. 3 ((break 2)) rule the tweet.
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rule the upload. rule the status update. rule the moment. we built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon
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3 new this morningtalks over the national debt will
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continue today. leaders in &pwashington must raise the - 14--ointt3 trillion dolllr debt ceiling by august 22d... or risk default.but leaders in washington are struggling to come tooan agreement. republicans say they wonnt agree to raise the debt ceiling unless serious spending cuts arr mmde to against a democratic plan to end some tax breaks for the wealthiest americans. 3 "by all indications we are of politicians in washinggon kkcking the can down the road before this issovvr. normal times, that wouldn't be so &pdangerous. the proolem is wee are not in normal times. (butted) i don't think we'll go into ddfault but if we don't come uppwith a credible llng--erm plan soon we run the risk of crrdit rating being & downgraded." 3 president obbma will hold a news conference today at 11 a-m. 3 astronauts continue ork today... aboard the internaaional space station. on sunday... the space shuttle atlantis docked at the international space station... -
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for its final mission.atlantis delivering suppliis and setting up equipment at the & space station.atlantis... like "discovery" and "endeavor"... will spend its retirement at a museum... ending nasa's 3 senator benjamin carddn iss visiting wwth ur nations wounded warrioos today.heell &ppoor the fishhr house and national intrrpii cenner of excellence in bethesda.the center provides medical care, -3&presearch, and education or soldiers who have experienced brain injjries nd psychological problems. 3&&p a special delivery for the beckham star david beckham and his wife... former spice girl victooia beckham... welcomed bbby girl on sundayythey named herr harper seven.this is thh fourth chhiddfor the couple... who already have three sons. 3 kate hudson's motherly instincts proved wrong.despite havingga feeling she was paving a girl... the atrrsss gave birth tooa heelthy baby boy over the word
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yet on a naam... but he's already got a big brother.kate hudson has a seven year-old soo with ex-husband chris robinson. 3 cominn up... a group oo empllyyes getttogetherr.. to bloo uu their boss' car. caa.3,2,1 cheering 3 why theeboos says... no hard but next... haa's the diffeeence between aa &"friend"... and a "plus one?" just ask they're -3 takinggtheeideaaof facebook... &ptt a whole new're watching fx 45 orninn news.. 3 ((break )) ((buup in))
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3 want to be arttof yourrsocial network. as google aunches its own version of a social networking site... facebook & teams up with another big name to keep its competitive edge. kkrin aifa has a look at the bbsttplace to keep your connnctions. connections. 3 in one corner the social & networkinn site with 750 seaach engine witt the name that's become a verb in the 21st century lexicon.facebookk looking to be your friend. -3 google, to be your "plus" one. google plus launchhd at the end of june with invitations
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-3 to a select group of media and tech atchees. on the heels of that, facebook joined forces 3 chatting featurr that will be available to all users over & the next ew eeks.the system already knows that weere connected, nddwe already have p pipe open between us so new apps like video chat can just floo across that. it's thee first, facebook says, of a summer blitz of ew features, pretty well-ttmed, when you coosider google's llunch. so, facebook or google? is theree enough room ffr both titans in the social networkingggame? for now,some techhwatchers say, faceeook has ssfety in its numbers. step one is where your friends are. and pight now your friends are on facebook. untillgoogle creates something that makes ou say, & ttere and not on facebook," i don't see it as a huge threat have gone beyond the "google plus" velvet rope eem to "liie" its multi-person video chatt called angouts ... -3 mmaning the best of this tech battle, may be yet to come.i'm kkrin caifaa and you''r now, clickee in.
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3 coming up... itts like something out of an ctton movie... -3 3& 3,2,1 cheering 3 why one group got together... & to why one group why one roup got together... to blow up theer boss' car. ((joel livv teaae)) you''e watching fox 45 morriig fox 45 morning news.. all llcal.. all morning. ((bbeak 4))
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the asthma connection.the linkk betteen a mother's anxiety and
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3 -linthicum ,3 -llnthicum 3 3 3 & 3 3 3 map iber map
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3 3 a mannconfesses to the fourth harbor.marcus haaris says he the victims family is speaaing out about what happened.megan gilliland is here with morr on what they
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say arris deserves. 3 ggod morniig patricewe spoke with joe calo's ex pirlfriend... she says she reeieved to hear thaatthe accussd killer has turned justice... for calo and for their bbby girr.. who has to grow up without a father. -3 father.lindsey reilly says call was a good dad whh didn't deserve to die the way he 3 alabama visiting familyywhen he as killed during thatt the suspect, marcus haarii, surreedered to police... after seeingghis picture on t-v. 3 26:03 "ii's na relief that he's not gonna do it too someone else's amily."30:07 "iiwant him to spend the rest & of his life in prison." prison."harris' attorney claims it was all in elf defense.he also told the media that his client has no previous reeord. 3 but courr ddcuments show ttat harris, has several arrests for dealing rugs... handgun violations... and assault. pegan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a foou year old is back home...
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after being ssruck by & a bullee ttat same ight. pollcc believe someone fired inner harboo... causing a bullet to come down and land pecause of the area where the buulet was lodged... doctors wwre unable to rrmovv it. 3 the search for phylicia barnes' killer intensifies. the f-b-i is now pouring through faceeook pages aad 3 answwes. according to their warrants ... they believe she or someone around her was -3 somehow involved innchild pornography. ppmail accounts being investigated may belong to -3michael johnson... who daaed phylicia's halffsister sources close to the caae say there is video captured on pell phones... showing phylicia and other relltivvs here innbaltimore... partially clothed nd appearinn &pintoxicatedd. a former federal prosscutor says if that's truee.. ittwould certainly be enough probable cause for the
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casey anthony is ust days - away from freedom.thh florida mother... acquittee of urder in her toddler daughter's death... is set to leave prison on sundayythe next pqeetion is .. where will she go?casey has made it clear she 3&pmother, cindy.a correctionss department spokesman sayy pauggter... and cassy declined. 3 mother's requests for visitss 3 trial..indy anthony waa a &pwiiness for both the prosecutiin and the defense. 3 the pain at the pump isn't about to get any easser. easier.accorddng to the lundberg ssrvey....thee2-month -3 drop in gasoline pricessacross & the country hassstopped... due to sttadying crude oil prices. the surveyyshows the national regular... is 3-dollaas and 62 &pccnts. -3 3 nasa is famouu for its space missions--but the agency is bringinn its expertise a little closer to earth. joel d. smiih is live in linthicum to show us why ssoe
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planes are flying in our area above the ground. . &p good morning joel d. good morning 3 patricc, (ad lib) the - flights areerun y nasa..... that's righh, the national aeronaauics and "space" adminnstration is conducting out aad maybe even "control" air quality. their -3& ffight patt esterday took it right over the skies here. -33 3 and the plane looks like this. the massive pllne is nasa's four engine "p-3b turbo-prop"" and this waa it, flying very lowwover the howard uiniversity ccmpus in 3 corkkcrew pattern at altituuess & as low as 1000 feet over the site so on the grrund, scienttsts aad students could measure prepare precise measurements... likeepollutioo 3& "when we inhale ozone that's not good or our lungs." quick "we're able to monitor aaso launch balloons to provide us
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& information on profiles of relative humidity, of temperature of ozone." 3 herees look at the flight pattern... notice the circles 3 that's heee they are doing ttose corkscrews to get extra measurements. but this is a paats per the code yellow zones.... that levellis close to orange, the with respiratory problems need 3 3 year study, and about 15 more f thess flights are scheduled for the rest of july. & 3 3
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3 wwnt to motivate your pmployees to worr haader? 3 3 3,2,1 cheering 3 a company is utah promised workers they could blow up aa p1-95 mitsubishi mirrge... bblonging to the v-p of sales... áifá they surpassed their 2010 revenue goal.turns out thhy employeessgathered to watch the car go up in a ball oo fire. 33 coming up... 3 coming up... 3 tiger woods repares to make a major announcmmnt today... 3 3 you're watching foo 45 -3 morning news.. all local.. all morning.
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3&pmap fiber map liberty map 795 3 3 3 -3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 it's our mobideal of the week! every week.. we'll bring youua deal - from mobideals... which provides coupons directly to phone! this week's deal comes from "it's about healthh"get half off an -3ion cleanse detox. just go to -3 my-mobideals-dot-com to get ssarted.. or look for mobideals on your maatphone. smartphone. mobideall is a product of our &ppaarnt company.. sinclair broadcast group. 3 coming up... 3 the ational debt conninues to climbb.. what roadblocks &plawwakers are facing... in an attempt to raise the debt ceiling, 3 and tiger woods has some news to share wiih theeworld today. whht some predict he'll announce... in ooference - later this'rr watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morninn.
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3 -3-3 3 new this morning... a historical site in 3 reooen todaa... after undergoing renovations.the annapoois market house first 3 years... it's been mmstly vacant due to leeal dispptes. new vendors at the site now inccude an oyster bar... deli... bistrr... produce dealer. 3 tiger wwods is expected to national t-v today.the foomer worrd champion golfer recently missed the u-s open... ann is nottexpeeted to plly in this chhmpionship. some speculatee the golfer could be out longer with a leg injury.the aanouucement will come at 11 3 astronauts continue work today... aboard the international space station. on sunday... the spacc shuttle atlantis docked at the &pinternational space station... for its final mission.atlantis
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& deliveriig supplies and space station.atlantis... like "discovery" and "endeavor"... will spend its retirement at a -3 mussum... ending nasa's 30-year space program..- 3 ttlks over the national debt will continue today. leaddrs in washington must raise the 14-point-3 trillion dollar 3 risk default.but as melisa - paney explains... compromise -3& petween democrats and republicann isn't cominggeasy. easy. 3 the national debt 3leaders in washinnton struggle to come to an agreement. you - know, it's politicclly very hard, but this ii a grave mommnt ffr the countty.. wee need to do sommthing very big, very substantial to bring ourr pong-term deficits doon over & time. sunday evening, democrats and republicans met with president obbma.but the discussion at the white house lasted just &pappears tonight they didn't have much negotiation. 75 minutes s not consiiered serious time frame forrreal negotiations. i don't think -3 they got anywhere tonight.
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republicans say they wonnt agree to raise the debt & ceiling unless serious spending cuts are made to & reduce tte deeicit.ttey're against a democratic plan to pnd some tax reaks ffr the wealthiest americaas."by all indications we are going to haveeanother exaaple of kicking the can down the road beeore this s ver. normal times, that wouldn't be so dangerous. the problem is we are ot in normal times. (butted) i ddn't think we'll go into default but if we don't come p with a crediile long-teem plan soon we run the risk of a credit rating being downgraded." leaders face an august second deadline to 3 negotiations will continue later today. 'm melisa raney reporting. 3 presiddnt obama will hold a a-m. 3 coming up... hundreds auditiined... but nly one could win. win.singing natss- nats
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3 which conttstant could be headed to pittsburgh... to auudion in front offthe "american idol""producers. you're watching fox 45 morning morning. ((break 7)) 3 ((bump in))
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33 3 amanda harrii sings alicia keys keys 3 you are listening to amaadda harris... she is just one persoo who came out o baltimore idol.the auditions ttok place last friday at al packers white marsh ford. the winner will be given a guranteed audition n frrnt of & pittsburgh on friday.we are
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looking at somm of the talent ttis morning.pat-so many people.. pat-so many people... inccedible toothinn one of these people coull be the next & ameeican idol.candace-this is could mark the beginning of somebody's career.. syylia prace knew that and the nerves - got to her but she stiil managed to sing. listen in 3 sylvia grace
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3 chat about sylvia guys came out as
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3 well.listen to kor-ahn johnson singing john legend's "so high". 3 kkran singing 3 3 chat about koran. 33 3 stay tuned....e arr going to reveal the winner coming up on fox45 good day baltimore ballimore 3 again.. that person will be at the auditions at hhinz field in pittsburgh on friday.i will
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& liie coverage on fox45 morning 3coming up in ur o'clock hour... 3 shee ants back in baltimore's toppoffice.when sheila dixon says... she wants to run for -3 mayor. 3 ((megan live tease))and the suspect in the fourth of july murder aa he inner habor... gilliland... hear what the vvctim'' familly says he dessrves now. 3 ((joel live tease)) 3 you'reewatching fox 45 morning -
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] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. it's gets icy to dull pain hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. 3 sheela dixon.. baak in city mayor says she could run for office again. 3 3 30:07 "i want him to 3 spend the rest of his life innprison." prison."the ex girlfirend of theeman stabbed to death during the inner harbor fireworks.. speaks ut.what she hha to say.. about the killer.. urning himself ii. 3 3,2,1 heeringg & 3 and... ever wish you could do
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this to your boss's car?why he employees did it. 3 - debt talks 33
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,3 3 3 3 3 map fiber maa
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3- 3 the suspecc in tte deadly fourth oo july staabing at the inner harbor tunrr himself he slashed joe calo's throat that, calo's family is speaking out.megan what they say thii susppct deserves. 3 good mornnng patrice,we spoke with joe alo's ex- & girlfriend... she ays she accused kklllr has turned &phimself him.but now she annss justice... for call and for & their baby girl.. who has to
7:04 am
grow up without a father. father.lindsey reilly saas & calo was a good dad who didn't & deserve to die the way he -3 did...he was in ttwn from - allbama visittng family when he was killed during that fight attthe iiner habrorr the suspect, marcus harris, but his attorney claims it was all ii self defense. 3 "mr harris has done noithing but cry... neverrhis intention."27:27 "inn 3 someone's comiig .... whaa kind of self-defense is that?" that?"she's also onders why 3 cooe orward... which he did afterrseeing his picture on t-v... as theesuspect. &p3 harris' attorney told the medda he has noopreviouus -3 recood. but ccurt documents show several arrests for -& dealing drugs... andguu violatioos... and assault. -3 meganngilliland, fox45 morning news.
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3 three people are kkllld in the city.. in just one day. homicide dettctives are on gorsuch avenue. poliieesay -3 46-year old richard mills was found stabbed around 2230 sunday morning inside a pick-up truck.he laaer died at the hospital. 3 also innnortheast baltimore... right around the same timm... jerel mcfadden was shot in hiss torso. there are no suspectt 33 3 innsoutt east baltimore ..... homiccde detectives aaee investtgating the death of a woman whose body was found on belnord avenue.she wws found sunday morning.nn other details areeavailabll at this time. 3 the four alarm fire that ripped through a days inn hotel in cattnsvvlle... began in a locked storage oom.the fire broke out in hh ssventh- floor storage room of the & hotel located on baltimore national pikeejust before 8:15 saturray night.120 guests
7:06 am
to nearby hotels. 3 " some people..... run down" & ddwn" 3 two ppopleewere taken to area hospitals to be reated for minnr smmke inhaaation.aa pirefighter was alsootreated at the sceneefor minor injuries. some baltimore kids will be learning to live healthier starting today.baltimore's living lassroom foundatiin is teaming with he ge african american forum tt promotee heaath and wwllnnsssat the carmelo anthony youth collaboration... which kicks off todaa... eams fifty volunteers wiih 75 students enrollld in living classrooms educatiinal programming. 3 if yyu spot a large planee doing some curious circling around our areaaii the coming - days... don'ttbe surprised. what might surprise you however, is who is coordinating these flights... and why. joel d. smith has his eye on the sky, and
7:07 am
some aaswers.. in linthicum. good morning joel d. good morning patricee (ad lib) the ffights are run by nasa... that's right, the & national aerooauttcssand -3 "space""administration is conducting thess flights to better ap out and maybe evenn "control" air quality.. their flight path yesterday took it right over the skies here. 3 and the plane looks like this. thh massive lane is nasa'ssfour engine "p-3b turrb-prrp". and this was it, flling very loo over the howardduiniversity campus in beltsville. it flew in a corkscrew pattern at allitudess site so on the ground, scientists and students could measure prepare precise measurements... like pollution pnddozone sampling. . &p3 oyola says "there's a lot of smaal particles suspended in thh atmosphere, mmst of them from pollution. some of these aerosols have a greaa impact on air quality." covered eed. end. here's a lookkat the flight pattern... notice the - areas?
7:08 am
that'sswhere they are doing thhse corkscrews to get extra measurements. but this is a huge areaa sunday's ooone levels were zones..., . will help improvv the ability offsatellites to detect pollutton near the they can bbtter prediittand control t. in beltsville, karen gray houston, fox fivv news. news. 3 3 3 3 3 p3 3 this is a multi-yyar study, and about 15 mmre of scheduled for the rest of - jjly. ánatz of the lady 33 rest of julyy schedulee for - the these flights are scheduled for the these flightssare about 15 mmre of for tte rrst of uly. ánaaz of the ady wrangling the biid at the begiinnng of the videoá videoábird.. is thh worr!a peacock was taaing a leisurely stroll n a westside chicago neighborhood.. unday animal control - officer found the bird... and for while.. wasn't able to catch it...but finally cornerrd's unclear where the eacock came from..sincee no one is claiminn it.if no one doess. it will go to a
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bird sanctuary. p3 coming up... 3 get readyyto rock out... pisney style!where your kids - ccn see some á jammim'á peeformances .. next in your &phooetown hotspot. hotspot. yyu're all local.. all morring.. p3&p((break 1)) 3 3 [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks
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3 --cockpit in court summer theatre's court jesters young people's theatre 3&p--disney's camp rock--camp rock cammers return to camp
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only to find that the nearby glitzy camp star is existence- james hunnicut --teen musicaa is 3 filled with teen 3 angst... rich ggrl,poor girl... boy meett girl, pretending to be ommone you are not--gleeful music abounds another grouppof asppring summerrto reeember remembercockpit's court jesters young people's theatre is perrorming "diesney's camp rock... the musscall"at 3 sattrday, and sunday.for more information, log on toofox
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3 3 map liberty map wilkens
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3map fiber 3 still aheadd. p3 annousted mayor... is cooinn back for more.when sheila dixon could try and get back in office. office. you're morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 p(break 2))
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7:18 am
3 new this morning.... tiger woods is expected to make a big announcement on national
7:19 am
polf channel'sstwitter account... tiger will speak at 11a.m. on that etwork. therr's rumors the golfer coold be out longer with a linggring leg injury. 3 gas pricessare leveling off.a lundberg survvy reports ...a -3 two month drop n gas prices & because crude oil prices are steadying. the survey showw the averageeprice of a gallon of regular gasoline is .. 3-dollarssand 62 cents.that's pass two weekk.buttthe prrce -3 average topped off at 3the duke and duchess of cambriddg are waking up in their hhme country this morning.. affer their north -3&pamerican tour you catherine hopping on plane ttree days in califoonia .. participating in severaa events.before thatt... the 3& canada. 3 she was the first lady .. who put substance abuse.. and its & reatment.. in the national, friends, and
7:20 am
thoseewho justtadmmred er work will say gooobbe to former first lady betty ord this week. ford passed away on friiay attage 93.. nd will &phave funeral services held in southern califfonii and her & ome state of michigan..--3 michigan..-3 emily schmidd joins us live -3 from washhngton d-c with more on ford's wwrk... and detailss on who will deliver tte eulogy. emily? 3 1) how did what
7:21 am
33 betty ord did resonate with people?2) will the public get -3 a chance to payyrespects?
7:22 am
3 3 pay respects?get a chance to -3 22 will the public ppople? 1) how did what betty ford did resonate with people?2) wiil thh public et a chance -3 too 3 stiil to ccoe.. 3 still to come.. nats of carrblowing p!!!! up!!!! 3 blowinggup the bosses car... and they á apppovedá of t!the goal the employees of one ccmpanyyhaa to reach.. in order to watch it explode! explode!and nnxt.. she wass forced out of office after being convicted offstealiig
7:23 am
gift find out when sheela dixxn could ry and get back in the mayyr's officc fox 45 morninn news.. all & local.. all morning. 3 ((break 3)) &p3 ((bumppin)))-
7:24 am
3 & shhela dixon ffr mayor ... again? she says - she might ruu for mayor ... n
7:25 am
2015. that's the first time she'd be eligible ..after being forced ouu of office for stealing gifttcards meant forrbaltimorr's needd. s the - candidates for mayor in thhs year'' raceecontinue to pampaign ... pixon is weighing in on the 3 with investigative voice joins us this morning.-is he really 3 considering a run-would sse be 3 likely to win
7:26 am
-what does shh think of the
7:27 am
3 current candidtes-what doos she have to say about
7:28 am
3 state of the city cittyo read more 3 aaoot this story..go to ox - baltimore ddt com... and ccick &pon investigative voice. 3 coming up.. 3 it waa theegoal hhard around the world!how the u-ssshowed brazil whose boss... in the women's world cup!!- cup!you're atchhng fox 45 morning news...all llcal.. all morninn. 3 ((ad lib hhroscopee)) 3 ((break 4)) the asthma connection.the linkk betteen a mother's anxiety and
7:29 am
7:30 am
3 p3
7:31 am
3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 33 fivebr map
7:32 am
3 3 a man onfesses o the fourth harror.marcus harris says he slashed oe calo's throat that
7:33 am the victims family &pis speaking out about what here with morr on what they saa harris deserves.. 3 good orning patrice,we spoke withhjoe calo's ex girlfriend... she says she relievee to hear that the himself she wants justice... for calo anddfor their baby girl.. who has to pgrow up withhut a faater. father.lindsey reilly says & paloowas a ggod dad whoodidn't deserve to die the way he didd..he was in town from -3 alabama isiting famiiy when he was killed during that fight at the inner habrrr. 3 surrendered to police... after 3 26::3 ""t's na relief that & omeonn else's family."30:07 "i want him to spenn the rest prison."haariss attornee claims it was all in self defense.he alsootold the media that his lieet has no prrvious record. -3 3 but court documents show that harrrs, has several arrests for dealing drugs... handgun violatioos... and assaalt.
7:34 am
pews. 3 a four year old ii bbck home... after being struck by a bullet that same night. police believe someone fired &&ptheir ggn iito the air at the -3 inner harbbr....causing a buulet to come down aad land in the child's leg. - because of the aaea where the bullet was lodged... doctors 3 this morning baatimore ouuny police and fire officials aae sttll tryyng tt figure outt who's responsible for setting & 8 fires in dgemere last week. 3 oneeresident spent the weekend cleaning his apartment ... ass police try toofigure ut who set hii apartment on fire... then quickly-- 7 otter fires -- all within a few blocks.the pumpsters... nd evennccrs - parked in family driveways. 3 "thii it was a random senssless act of stupidity or insanity, or both""sometting &pthii extreme, i haae anger towards them,,it was a mean 3 spiiited thhng to do" do"police prrsence
7:35 am
3 has increased in tte neighborhood.arson investigators are also lloking into whether these fires are &pconnectee to four others since april. 33 the search for ppylicia barnes' killer intensifies. - the f-b-i is nnw pouring through facebook pages and email accounts... looking for answers. anssers. according to theirr warrants ... they bblieve she or someone around her waa somehow involved in ccild poonography. pornography. one of the email accounts being michaee johnson... who dated phylicia's alf sister sooucessclose tt the case say here in baltimore... partially intoxicated. a former federal prosecutor says if that's true... it would certainly be enough probable cause for the 3 14:43:00 and ttey're hoping that out of all he information they get that some of that inffrmatioo willlbe relavant in trying to figurr out what happened to phylicia 3 it's possible ... that two
7:36 am
crimms may have been committedd-3 in this case... the distribution and possession of - child pornooraphy... and the sexual exploitation of a child. phylicii barnes as a minor at the time of her disappearance. 3 nasa is famous for its space missions--buu the agency -3 little closer to earth. - joel d. smith is live in some planes are ffyiin in ouu - area as loo as a thousand feet above theeground. . d. good morning flights are run by nasa..... that's riggt, the national aeronautics nd space" addinistration is conducting these flights to better map out and maybe evenn"control" air quaaity. their flight path yesterddy took it right overrthe skies here. 3& 3 and the plane looks like 33 is nass's four engine "p-3b turbo-prop". and this was it, flying very llw ovee the
7:37 am
howard uiniversittycampus in beltssille. it flew in a -3 corkscrew pattern at altitudds - site so on the grounn, scientissssand sttdents could mmasure preppre precise measurements... like pollutton and ozone sampling. . 3 3 "whennwe inhale ozone hat's not good for uu lungs." quick 3 the atmosphere. ww are able to launch balllons to provide us information on profiles of temperature of ozone." ozonee" 3 3 here's a look at te flight ppttern... notice the circles over ssme of thheareas? -3 that's where they are oing phose corkscrews to get extra 3 huge area. sunday's 33 paats per billion...ii the level where folks with respiratory problems need to 3 3 this is a multi-year study,,and about 15 more of thhee flights are scheduled & ffr thh rest of julyy
7:38 am
3 3 -3 3 ptate healttcare 3 reform is the topic of a meetiig in annapolis today.the heallh are reform coorrinating council is holddng it's first one this's lead by leutenant they will be discussing - system in maryland..he meeting ii at one this afternoon. 3& talks over the nntional debt will continue tooay. leaders in ashington must rrase the 14-point-3 triilion dollarr debt ceiling by august 2nn... or risk a default.but leaders in washingttn are struggling to come to an agreement. agree to raise the debt ceiling unless serious sppndinggcuts re made to reduce thh deficit.they're
7:39 am
against a democratic plannto &pend some tax breaks for the wealttiest americans. 3 ""y all ndications we are going o have annther example beforeethis is ooer. nnrmal timms, thht wouldn't be so dangerrus. the probbem is we - are not in normal times. (butted) i don't think we'll go into default but if we don't come up with a redible pisk of a credit ratiig beingg 3 downgrrded." 3 president obama will hold aanewwsconference today at 11 a--. 3 three small aiiplanesswere pntercepted by fighter jets this weekend aa camp david. they wwre flying too close to the presidential retreat.the because thh small planesswere out of radio communication. pressdent obama spent part f tte weekend at camp david.all - three planes landed withouu 3 apparent connection between the three flights. 3 p buying igarettes just got aalot tougher... for resiients in iceland. pceland.a new bill would
7:40 am
prohibit theesale of cigarettes in regular shops... allowinggthem to only be sold in would alsoo prquire smokers to get a ádoctorá... in order tooget a pack.the idea is to get smokkrs in frequent contaat with their doctors... who & would remind them f the health risks. 3 indridason says: "we did not know i we shouud laugh or cry when this prrposal came from the govvrnment, because it's fascism to think that tobacco users hould go to a pharmacy - po buy their tobaccoo ttbacco - uue is on a decline alllover the world, so we are n the 3track."iceland mma be onto years... iceland has cut 3 30 percent ii 1991... to 15 percent today. 3 that bbings ussto our question of the day:should cigarettes be prescription-only?ouu phone liness re open now.. 410- 481-4545.
7:41 am
3 you can also go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what ou thinn... or sound off through faccbook. send s a tweet.. attfoxbaltimore. and you can teet yoor answer to 45203. enter fox45a oo yes.. or fox45b for no. 3& want to motivate your employees to work harder? there's allays this... 3 3,2,1 heering p3a company is utaa promised workers they could blow up a 19-95 mitsubishi mirage... belonging to the v-p of their 2010 revenue goal.turns out hey did. company 3 the car go up in a ball of fire. 33 natt of goal! goal!wow! talk about 3 ooe for the record books!this is from thh women's world cup inngermany....teem usa taking on the 122-nd minute &pof
7:42 am
the gme... usa down a goal with seconds left... 3&pmegan rapinne ssnns a lovelyy feed into tte boo and.... aaby wombach risessup and ties the usa would go on to wwn the game in penalty kickss 3 still to come.. nemmloymeet 3 month."currently one place is 3 but for african americans there weren't changes... butt. it remains high!!he speccfic problems that group faces.. next. next.nn problems here on 83 at mount carmel road...but ow is 795 and the beltway this monday?i'll how what's happening on the corridors coming up. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all & local.. all morning. 3 ((break 5)) 3 ((bump inn)
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,3 ((ad llb meteorologist)))
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3 3 map 795 map libertt
7:47 am
7:48 am
3 map willkees map ffber
7:49 am
33 coming up... it's hard o immgine a doctor prescribing cigarettes... but that's whaa's happening in --3& iccland.all ciiarettess herr pre now only being old in - pharmacces with a doccor's's cutting down on smmkinn.. and making smokers meet regularll with their doctors. & doctors.that brings us to our question of the day:should cigarettes be prescription- onll?our phooe lines arr open now.. 410-441-4545. you're watthing ffx 45 morning news.. all local.. aal 3 (((reak 6)) ((questiin f day animation))
7:50 am
7:51 am
3 cigarrttes just beeame prescription-only in celand. residents here now haveeto buy their cigarettee at a &ppharmacy.. with permissionn ffom their's already -3 cut down he nuuber of smmkers from 30 to 15 perrent. percent.that brings us to our 3 pigarettessbe prescription-
7:52 am
3 now...440-481-4545. 3 ronnie- bmore 3 deborah- bmore bmore
7:53 am
3 paula says what doctor would give somebody a prescription - for cigarettes? most doctors tryyto revent you from smoking. smoking.kimberll says even though i'm a non smokkr, i ddnt think its right that you have to have a prescription to get a pack of cigarettes... 3 leaveettem alone. 3 cominn up ii our 8 o'clock 3 3 get rrady to rock out... disney style!where your kids pan see some á jammim'á performances .. in your hometown hotsppt. hotspot.we must attack this & issue of uneeployment...and 3 black nemployment.. unemployment."the unemmloyment
7:54 am
rate... is still bad news for everyone.but just hhw ucc hardee the numbers how it is.. for africannamericans.. foo45 morning news.. all local.. all morning.
7:55 am
7:56 am
3 tte june employment report was ddsappointing... by all accounns.however... aa elisee for africcn americaas... &pdidn't increase... but remained the highest among rrcial groups. proups. --reporter pkg-as followw -- friendly to mark summers. summers lost his job three months ago anndhas come to this d-c career cenntr for 3 looking attmee- i'm waiting -por a contract tt comeedown pfrom the government."it's a psimilarrstory for african americans acroos the country the latest jobs report found the unemployyent rate orr africcn americans is just over 16 ercent - double that of white americans."in 1963 or '64, the unemploymenttrate was 4-percent and the unemploymeett
7:57 am
rate for african-ammriccns was 8-percent."(reporter) "so it's allays been that way.""give or -3take, yes."howard univeesity's 3 wwlmer leon says that's becaase many ffican mericanss lack access to education and -3& training, whhch could help 3 racism is often at play - 3 discrimination."unless america makks the significantt investment in eqqaaity then aarican-aaericans and otter people of olor, particularly now hispanics, are going find struggle."theecongressional ggvernment to do more."this is an urgeet aapeal to he white & around the country, thaa we must atttck his issue off - unemployment...and black &punemployment."highly educated - african merrcans aren'' immune. reginaad bboker
7:58 am
ttaches computer classes at maryland's montgomery colllge. even with a -h-d in chemistry, it's been yearss since he had a job his field. the reccssion has only made it worse."i've apppied to a number offdifferent places nd it's just beee a uppill you yoor qualifiiationn were impressiie, but you didn'' get the job. do you think eing african-american has anything to do ith it?""no one -3 american, we're not goinn to & give you a job, i look at thh & statistics and i see the oppositt.""i think it's more of a socio--cooomic problem, people who are lowee-income have a harder time finding stable jobs or jobs that give thhm long-term financial sttbility."two faces of the 3&phope their government - and &psociety - will fix.elise -&plabott, cnn, washington -----end-----cnn.scripp 3 coming up in ouu 8 o'clock hour.. 3 ever heerd of a two ply where these master piecee were
7:59 am
created. you're watching fox 44 mornnng news...all local.. &pall morning.
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3 3 she'll e out of jail in a matter of daysswhht happened whhn casey anthony's other & showed up for one last - jailhouse visit..- ,3 pancing nats natsthey're out to provv.. they can do anything.the chaalenges these dancers & faced.. getting ready for this recital.. and when you can see them perform live n person.
8:02 am
3 3 look at this lady.she's &&pshowing you what ánotá to wear. we show ouuhow to dress for wook when ii'' hot uu.. &pwithout looking too .. elll. ponday, july 11th -3 3 3
8:03 am
3 & 3 map
8:04 am
3 fiber map & 3 the suspect in the deadly fourth offjuly stabbing at the inner harbor tunrs himself into poliie.marcus harris sayy he slashed joo alo's thhoat that night.
8:05 am
3 girlfriindd.. lindsey reilly wants justice... for him and up without a father. reilly says calo was a good 3 the way hh did.he was in town frrm alabaaa visiting family when he was killed during hat figgt at the inner habror. the suspect, marcus harris, has ssrrendered to police. but his attorney claims ittwas all in self defeese. 3 pmrrharris as done 3 noithing but cry... never his intention."27727 "in self-deeenne, even if -3 someone's coming .... what kind of self-defense is that?" that?"comiin .... whht kind of even if sommonees coming .... that?"harris' attorney told the media he hs no previous reccrd.. buttcourt documents show several arrests for dealinggdrugs....handgun violations... and assault. casey aattony is just days away froo feedom. freedom.the florida other... & acquitteddof murder in her toddler dauggter's eathh.. is set to leave prison onnsunday.
8:06 am
the next quession is ... where will she go?casey has made it hhr other, cindy.a & corrections department spokesmaa says cindy requested to see her daughher... and casey declined.casey also turned down her mother's requests for visits innthe - peeks leadinn up to her trial. cinny anthony was aa itness for both the prosecution and the defense. 3 anne rundel community college - issraising fees....for ssnnor citizens who enrolllin on- credit ccursss.the school's board of trustees has voted to - double the fees... from 40 to 80 dollars perrsemester.the & nnrease is part f an ffort to absorb a 5-million-dollar cut n county fundinn. 3 a show oo support over he weekend... for mmryland's -3 first "special needs adaptive &pdance showcase". 3 on sunday... a group ff talented performers puu onn their danciig shoes... for n -3 event called "mission pptapasco high school nn center ffr the rts.. in dundalk.the recital shhwcased a ariety of talents from pre-
8:07 am
&pschoolers to adults.organizers ssy they are very prooddof p if you spot a large plane doing some curious circliig 3 days... don't be surprised. what might surprise youu howevvr, is who is coordinating these flights... and why. jjel d. smithh some annwers.. in inthicum. good morring jel d. good morning patrice, ((d libb 3 the flights re run by nnsa... that's right, the national eeonautics and &p"spacc" administration is conducting thhse flights to beeter map out and maybe evenn "contrrl" air quality. their flight path yesterday took it right over the skies here. 3 and the plane looks like this. the massive pllne is nasa's four engine "p-3b &pturbb-prop". ann this was it, flying very low ovvr the howard iniiersity ccmpus in
8:08 am
beelssille.. it flew in a corkscrew attern at altitudes - as low as 000 feee over the site so on the ground, scientists and students could measure prepare preccse measurements... likeepollution ann ozone sampling. . 3 &p3 oyola says "there's a lot off ssall parricles suspended in tte atmospherr, moottof them froo pollution. some of these aerosols havv great impact &pon ir quality." covered end. pnd. here's a look at the flight pattern... notice hee circlee over sooe of the -3 areass that's wheee they get extra measurements. bbu ttii is aahuge area. sunday's ozone levels were 3 zones.. , . will help improve the ability of satellites to detect pollutiin nearrthe they and ccntrol it. in beltsville, karen ray news. 3 & p3 3 3 this is a multi-year study, and aboott 55more of these flightt re schedulld for the rrst of july.
8:09 am
3- 3 3 monsterrjam roareddinto m & t bank sttdium saturday night. bbt the trucks weren't the oony stars.cookie bumpus won our star spangled sing off... 3 in front oo the enttre crowd. singing 3 - chat 33 3 coming uppin our hometown - hotspot...
8:10 am
3 get eadd to rocc! rock!we're ggving you a sneak peak at a hit ssmmer musical... starring some of mmryland's most talenned youth. 3 you're watching 3 fox 45 morning news.. all loccl.. all morring. & 3 ((bump oot)) 3&((break 1))
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--cockpit in court ummer
8:13 am
&ptheatre'sscourt jesttrs young ppeple's theatre --diinny's ccmp rockk-camp rock 3 rook--disney's camp theatre young peopll's court jesttrs suumer theatre's --cockpit in court 3 summer theatre's young &ppeople's tteatree--disney'ss camp rockcampers return to - camp only toofind that the nearby litzy camp star is - threattning camp rock's very existence--teen musical is filled wwth teen 3 angst... rich girl,poor & girl... boy meets giir, pretending to be someone you are not--gleeful musii abounds and camp rock is saved to give anothee group of aspiring musiciins a rememberr-&
8:14 am
3 ccckpit's court jessers young people's theetre is perrorming "diesney's campprock... the musical" at c-c-b-c essex this frrday, saturday, ann sunday. for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning.
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map fiber map llberty map wilkens map 0 coming up... 3 two nee studies on the effects 3 effeet it has on a child's pehaviorr 3 anddlater... it's wedding season.but theseeare no ordinary gowns.what makes these dresses... one of a kind. you're watching fox 455morning -3news.. all local.. all
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-3 morning. 3 ((break 2)) ((bump in))
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3 baltimore's big 3 arts festival, artscapp, is coming up this weekend.alll 3 a snapshot of all the amazing things you''e aaout to see. photographer james singelwald joins ussthis morniig ith more.---hat are you
8:21 am
3 doing at artscape?--what else is going on at artscape?--what arr the details? details? 3 for more
8:22 am
3 inffrmation on arttsape, log on to fox baltimore doo com slash morning. &3 coming p... 33 her motherly instincts are a bittoff.what urprised kate & hudson theemost... about her 3 but next... it's summmr time... which means less clothing.which outfits are o-k to wear to work... and which should stay at're patching fox 45 morning news.. 3 3& ((break 3)) 3 ((bump in))
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8:25 am
3it's tempting o peel off some clothes to keep ool on these hot summer days.but shhwing - skin can go from sexy to skanky if yyu're doing it at the what are some good ways to llok great and stay cool at work this summer? fran hynes, dott district manager, joins uu with models sheeby ross and ladavia powell..- --shelby is staying 3 ccol this summer in pair of
8:26 am
denim capris,,strappy tank, and sandals. this look is perfect for the weekend, but you may wwnt to think twice before wearing this to work. tank top is showinn way too much skin for a work eeviiooment. there are ways to stay ool without goinggtoo far.--ladavia is wearing summer look thaa is hhrt denii shorts and loose fitting tee toohelp her stay cool during the summer. allhough -3 this is great for around your hooss, it's a little too casual for work.
8:27 am
3 during fox45 good day transform and they'll come back shooing off fashionable outfits that áareá appropriatee for the oofice.stay tuned! 3 coming up... -3 3 car not running as you'd like? what part of yyur car yyu should be checking.that's coming up next... in our motor minute. 3 you're watching fox 45 morning news.. aal local.. all morninn. 3 ((bbeak 4)) &p3 all orning. news.. all -3 llcal.. fox 455morning you're watching 3 fox 45 morning news...all local.. all morning. & p33 ((breakk4))
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& 3 p 3& 3 3 50
8:31 am
8:32 am
33 at 97 map 3 ttree people are killed in the city.. innjust one day. day.ii northeast baltimore ... on goosuch avenue. police say 46-year old richard mills as &pfound stabbed around 2:30 -& unday mornnnn iiside a pick-uu truck.hh latte died at the hospital. also in northeast ballimore... - righh around the ssme time... a 22-yyarrold man was shot to death on lester morton court. 3&ptorso. there are no suspects or motives right now. 3 in south eaat baltimore .... homicide detectives are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found on belnord avenue.she was found sunday other details are aaailable at thii time. 3&p two new studies reveal some alarming new evidence... about the effects of tudy links exposure to secondhand smoke in the home....with a 50-percent
8:33 am
development of neurobehavioral disordees in children.thee -seconn study is a bii more suggeets that children 8 to 13 whoohave a negativeeopinion the smell of &pcigarette smokeearee78-percenn less likely to start theehabit - later on. both studies wwre & conductee by the amerrcan academy of pediatrics.& p3 tte duke and duchess of cambridge are wwking up in &ptheir home countrr this morning.. after their north can see prince william ann catherine hopping on a plane in los ngeles.they spent three ddys in california .. participating in several &pevents.before that ... the couppe spent nine days in canada..- 3 kate hudson's motheely &pinstincts proved wrong.despite having a ffeling she was despiie havingga proved wrong. despite haviig a feelinn she waa havingga girl... the & pctrrss gave birrh to a healthy baby boy over the word yet on a namm... but he's aaready got a big brrther.kate hudson has a husband chris robinson.
8:34 am
& 3 nasa is famous for its - space missions--but the ageecy little closer to earth. joel d. smitt is live in linthicum ... to show us why some planes areeflyinggin our - area as low as a thousann feet above the ground. . d. gooddmooning 33 patricce (ad lib) the flights are run by nasa..... that's right, the nationaa aaronautics nd "ssace" addinistrationnis conducting & "control" air quality. & their flight path yesserday took it right over the skies here. 3 and the plane lookk like this. the massive plane is nnsa's four engine "p-3b turbo-prop". nd this wws -3 it, flying verr low over hee howard uiniversity campus in corkscrew patterr at altitudes 3 site so on the rounn,
8:35 am
scientists and students could 3 meesurements... likk pollutionn 3 3 3 "when we inhale ozone that's not ood for our lungs." quick "we're able to monitoo also &plaunch balloons tooprovide us - information on profiles of relative humidity, of 3 ozone." 3 hhre's a look at the flight paaterr....notice the circles over some offthe areas? & that's where thhy are doing & measurrments. but ttis is a huge area. sunday's ooone levels were above 8 code yellow zones.... that & level is close to orange, the leeel where folks with respiiatory probbems need to limit their accivities. 33 3 this is a mmlti-year study, aad about 15 more of theseefliihts are schedulld 3 -3
8:36 am
,3 pre you hhtting the rrad this summee?if so... you'd better make sure your car is in top phape. 3 candace dold is live to ook out for.hey candace. 3& i'm with david - manager at firestone cooplete autocare.we are talking bouut & shocks and struts for this morning's motor minute. --driving with worr out shocks and strutt is a afety can this impacc our car?--is there a
8:37 am
3 common indicator thht reveals your shocks eed to e replaced?-is there aaything we would notice when driving the 3 get ooeefree shock or struts with an additional mail in dollaas 3 ffr more
8:38 am
3 for more information on - firestonn comppete auuocaae, - pog on to fox altimore dot com slashhmorning. &p
8:39 am
keys.. and patti smith are just a few of the cts cooing to virgin mobiieefreefest line-up this ummer! summer!tickets are free, but sttrting thhssmorning at 10.. and "like" ávirgin mobile -33 liveá to ccaimmthem.the shhow will be t merriieather post & cooing up... 3 they may álooká llke oodinaay wedding dresses... but in fact... thee''e ar from it..-&pit.we'll givveyou a clooer look... at what makes these pressse... one of a kind. & 3 3 you're watching fox 44 morning news.. all local.. all mornnng. -3 3&p((break 5))
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3 take a llok thhi...thhse pren't ordinary wedding &pmade of toilet paper.'ssall a part of thee seventh annual toilet paper pedding dress cootest held in floriia. judges look for beauty, creativity and origiiality. itttook four rolls of paper... tape... and 3 prize winner's dress. 3 ((tosssto weather))
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3 ((ad llbbmeteorologist)) 3 3
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3 3 map fiber
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3 mappliberty map wilkens coming upp.. issgoogle ttee next facebook? facebook?" createe something that makes you say, "man i reellyywant to be over there and not on facebook," 3 what ccanges iits maaing... to drivveup the competition. but next... good food for a good cause.we'll ttll you ow you can et involved... in "crabbret."yoo're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. -3 pll morning. 3p((break 6)) 3 p(bump in))
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what's better thanna baltiiore night of calypss dancing?one johh shiells from gertrude's -3 at theebba joins us thii morniig to tell us about & "crabaret.""-promottng 3 crabaret to benefit the house of ruthbenefft the house &pcrabaret to --prrmoting - p-prrmoting
8:50 am
,3 crabaret to benefittthe house of ruth--hot summer evening off island rhythm and crab seductiina.--held at
8:51 am
3 gertrude's nddthe bba sculpture garden--food, wine anddhouse of ruthhmarylandcity yyu calypso! calypso!
8:52 am
3 to ind out how you can gg to crabaret, log on to fox baltimore dot com slashh pmrning. coming up.... 3 but next... what'' the taking the idea of faceeook... to a whole new leeel. 3 (((..pierre?)) 3 aad a reporter caaght doing air.we'll share the & embaraasing momentssin minutes. 3 and in our hometown sneak peak at the hit summmr musiccl... starriig some of marylann's most talenned & outh. you'rr watching
8:53 am
fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all mooning. 3 ((break 7)) ((bump in))
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& two tech tttans want to be part of your ssccal netwwrk. &&pas google launches its own version of a social nettorking 3 competttiveeedge. kkrin ccifa haa a look at the best place -3 to keep your connectioos. ponnectionss 3 in one cornee the social -3 netwooking sitt with 750 pillion the other the searchhengiie with the name & hat's beccoe a verb innthe 211t centtry lexicon.faceeook, looking tt be your friend. googlee to be your "plus" one. enddof june with invitations &to aa elect group of media and that, facebook joined orces with skype for a video - chatting
8:56 am
featureethaa will be available to all sers over alreadd knows that we're connected, and ww already havee a pipe open between uu so new apps like videoochat can just flow across that. itts the first, faccbook says, of a --3 summer blittzof new features, pretty well-timed, when yoo consider google's launch.. so facebook orrgoogle??is there enough room for both titans in the soccal networking game? &pfor noo, some tech wwtchers say, facebook has ssfety in its ummers. steepone is where yourrffiends are. and 33& facebook. untii google creates - something that mmkessyou saa, - "man i reaaly want to be over there and nnt on facebook," i & doo't see it as a huge ttreat to facebook. but the few who -3 have ggoe beyond the "google plus" velvvt rope seem to 3 meaning the best of this ech battle, may be yet to come.i'm karin caifa, ann you'reenoo, &&p3 cooing up onn ood day - baltimore... you sang... we listened. &plistened.((ad lib baltimore singgrswe
8:57 am
reveal he foo45 baltimore idol winner. 3 ((...pierrr?)) 3 and aaleep on the joo?we'll 3&pembarassing momeet on air... next..- 3
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